Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns writes her profile and headline

The task of writing my profile seemed daunting and exciting at the same time. Afterall, what I decide to reveal (or hide) would impact potential responders. In addition, how I chose to express myself would speak volumes about my personality.

Because I read a number of male and female profiles as part of my investigative research, I had narrowed down profile attributes that appealed to me. I liked profiles that appeared honest and sincere in their approach of revealing characteristics of themselves and their trait preferences for potential significant others. For example, I came across several profiles that stipulated that they were looking for a mate who could have an intellectual discussion with differing opinions without the other person getting upset and pouting. That would be a deal breaker for me too! Who wants to be with a person who couldn't debate, spar, and agree to disagree in a lighthearted manner? That to me is the crux of a successful relationship and opening one's mind to different viewpoints!

So I took a deep breath and wrote my profile:


I was born in Saigon but raised in Arlington, Virginia. Because of my background, I am drawn to men who have been exposed to a variety of cultures, customs, exotic foods, and languages – i.e. he has to be worldly! Pragmatic independent thinkers who lead purposeful lives with strong and loyal bonds to family and friends are also attractive to me.

When I was 7, I saw my first opera, Les Bohemes, and never forgot how instrumental music, arias, cantatas, dance, and recitations blended together to tell a beautiful story in foreign verse. I gained a deep admiration for all art forms - even though I can’t sing, paint or play a musical instrument. Because I appreciate the arts and enjoy all types of prose, I hope that a guy that I date could share my enthusiasm for various forms of art and challenge me intellectually without getting upset if we disagree.

Speaking of various art forms, I am a terrible dancer but have a fantastic time trying! I can’t take my eyes off of a confident person who can be a goof ball and laugh at himself. A guy who will join me on the dance floor with a fearless attitude will have my attention.

I am a social introvert! Although I love my friends and family, I cherish my independence and I do not equate being alone with being lonely. Everything interests me but I realized that I can only squeeze so much in if I want to have balance in my life. There is always a give and a take! I am not much of a cook so I don’t mind cleaning up. Waking up early is a drag but I do it for my little dog who likes her walks! My friends would probably describe me as eclectic, motivated, and a giggler of all things humorous.

My finance job is fulfilling and challenging. It consumes me and I love it. A guy who is passionate about what he does and finds satisfaction from it too is a complete turn on. Other traits that gain my instant respect? Men who are comfortable in their own skin, have ambition, and take action when they are dissatisfied. Whiners need not respond!

I don’t subscribe to the idea of a perfect date but I do believe that great food, wine, and a fun atmosphere are a must. If you are bright, confident, and know what you want from life, let’s get together.


I know - it's long! But if you aren't specific, you could wind up wasting your time.

Lastly, I wrote my headline. For those who don't know, the headline is supposed to grab a person's attention. I noticed guys tried to be funny, witty, or shocking. Girls tend to try to be cute. My style was decidedly straightforward.


Independent, happy, single girl with little dog seeking someone fun to share fulfilling relationship!

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