Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns learns to juggle

Today, Wednesday, October 21, 2009, marks a full week since LolaRuns joined Match. :)

What has LolaRuns learned? She learned that if you are going to respond to emails and instant message multiple boys at the same time, you should be able to keep their names straight.

She also learned that if you are on the phone with one person, like she was last night, it is better to ignore the other incoming calls. Otherwise, you won't be able to have a decent conversation.

Joining Match has forced LolaRuns out of her comfort zone. In addition to having to respond to emails and instant messages, She now has to speak to guys each night on the phone. LolaRuns decided that she can only talk to one guy each night. She just don't have enough time in her life for more than one phone conversation!

Last night, LolaRuns spoke to a person that she will call Trainerboy. Trainerboy is 37 years old and lives in Alexandria. He just rescued a dog and works at a gym where he is the trainer. Trainerboy has a master's degree in exercise physiology. We had a pleasant 35 minute conversation and she learned a few things.

Trainerboy comes from a blue collar family and he is the first to go to college and receive a master's degree. He communicates well on the phone and shared that he is active with his Home Owner's Association. Trainerboy recently bought his townhome styled condominium last year and plays rugby with the Washington Irish team. This is where LolaRuns knew that there was 6 degrees of separation! Especially when he mentioned a dive tavern that friends of his own because it started to sound awfully familiar.

To make a long story short (enjoy this summary because as you well know, LolaRuns is a girl of many, many, many words), Trainerboy used to play rugby with her friend Miss. N's husband E. That's right - we travel in the same social circles!!

Unfortunately, except for her good friend Miss. A, none of her other girlfriends know that LolaRuns is on Match! She was going to share the news with Miss. T and Miss. M last Friday at Posto but they bailed - so LolaRuns’ secret is still a secret. Now that Trainerboy knows that Miss. N and her husband E are friends, will he tell them?! LolaRuns hopes not because she wants to be able to tell them herself!

We exchanged updates about Miss. N and E and their new pool, their wedding, their new fence. Trainerboy and LolaRuns agreed that E is very handy. Trainerboy does handyman work on the side and shared that he recently hung drapery rods at a gym client's new house.
At the end of our conversation, Trainerboy asked if we could meet for drinks on Friday. Why - of course! :)

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