Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets Starbucks with Salesdude

LolaRuns woke up on Sunday morning at 9am tired and groggy. She had less than five hours of sleep since the date with EA did not end until 3am and LolaRuns did not make it home until 3:45am!

In less than six hours, LolaRuns was scheduled to meet with Salesdude. So I dragged myself out of bed, ran my errands, and went to the gym.

At approximately 3pm while approaching the Starbucks on Market Street in Reston Town Center, LolaRuns received a text. It was Salesdude. His text read: "Hi LolaRuns, I'm here at the Starbucks in the Reston Town Center". At that point, LolaRuns was standing at the entrance to the coffee shop when a very fit attractive blond man, approximately 6'2, in casual jeans, a blue striped button down shirt untucked with a grey tee shirt peeking out, and casual black shoes immediately jumped up from a chair positioned next to the doorway.

With one hand, Salesdude removed his sunglasses while he excitedly shook my hand with the other. Salesdude opened the door as I walked inside and he immediately asked what I would like to drink. "A short coffee" I replied as he directed me to a window seat in the corner. Just as I removed my raincoat and scarf and got settled, Salesdude came over with my coffee. I took it appreciatively and followed Salesdude to the center of the store to get half and half. When I turned around, Salesdude was waiting for his coffee order so LolaRuns took the opportunity to make small talk with Salesdude. Salesdude smiled and politely but firmly responded "Why don't you have a seat and I will be right over?"

Whoa. LolaRuns never gets ordered around and found it slightly exhilarating.

A few minutes later, Salesdude took a seat next to LolaRuns at the table adjacent to the window and we embarked on a two hour discussion. Up close, Salesdude has bright blue eyes and a generous smile. LolaRuns couldn't help but notice that for 41 years of age, Salesdude has significant wrinkles under and around his eyes. Frankly, it looked like Salesdude hadn't slept in more than a week even though it was apparent that he was alert and awake. Overall though, LolaRuns found Salesdude to be true to his profile pictures and generally attractive. Ding Ding! You are 4 for 4!

Salesdude asked about LolaRun's weekend and when she responded that she saw a Philip Trager photography exhibit, LolaRuns was delighted to find that Salesdude asked question after question. She excitedly shared the subjects of the photographs, the different developing techniques, and the background of the photographer to a very eager listener who lapped up the information readily. When Salesdude asked for an example when LolaRuns tried to explain the architectural pictures, he intently looked out the window as she pointed to the building across the street and attempted to describe the angle of the building that Trager would have photographed against the sky. Salesdude asked if LolaRuns kept current with photography but she clarified that aside from a photography course in high school, everything that she shared with him was learned from the exhibit that she walked on Saturday. LolaRuns was impressed when Salesdude asked for the name of the exhibit and the museum and expressed a desire to see it for himself.

From there, conversation flowed to our respective families and backgrounds. Salesdude has one other sister who is 18 months younger. She is happily married to an Italian national in California and they are trying to conceive. Salesdude's father spent a life in sales. Salesdude mother has a college degree and one day, while at a bar, she met the man who would be her husband. Coincidentally enough, one month prior to their fateful introduction, Salesdude's father met Salesdude's mother's uncle who informed Salesdude's father that he had a niece that he wanted Salesdude's father to meet. When Salesdude's mother and father formally started to date, Salesdude's father met Salesdude's mother's uncle again and the circle was complete. Salesdude's parents have been happily married for over 40 years.

Salesdude grew up in Pittsburgh and went to Grove City College where he received undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science. Salesdude's parents characterized him as shy and were surprised when he chose to follow his father's footsteps with a career in sales. Salesdude works for Oracle and has been with the company for one year moving recently from commercial to federal sales.

LolaRuns will be honest. She doesn't like sales and never liked the salesy type. But I was pleasantly surprised with Salesdude. Salesdude is inquisitive, likes to learn, and appears genuine. Salesdude keeps up with various industries and demonstrated sound knowledge about finance and telecommunications. Salesdude took an interest in LolaRuns' job and asked intelligent questions. Salesdude happily dived into LolaRuns' family history and enjoyed the narrative of how LolaRuns' parents met.
The two hours went by quickly and LolaRuns enjoyed the conversation as much as she enjoyed the Starbucks coffee. Hmmm - yum! Even though LolaRuns never expected much from the initial meeting with Salesdude, she happily accepted when Salesdude invited LolaRuns to dinner for Friday night at Il Fornaio at 7pm.

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