Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns lets the boys be boys

LolaRuns wants to climb up the highest mountain top and exclaim to the world that chilvary isn't dead! Even in the online dating world, chivalry lives on!

How does LolaRuns know this? She sees it everyday through my online interaction with the men on Match. As with everything, there is an unstated protocol that men like to make the first move. And because LolaRuns likes to let the boys be boys, she wholeheartedly allows the boys to ask for her number, ask her out for coffee, take her out for dinner, initiate Match instant messaging, and email her first until their hearts are content. Nothing makes LolaRuns happier than to be chased! Bring it on boys! Catch me if you can!

Last night, LolaRuns returned a call from someone that I will call Salesdude. Salesdude emailed last week and cut to the chase quickly. After the first two emails, he asked for my number and called that night. Of course, I was on the phone with Trainerboy and let Salesdude leave me a message.

When we spoke, it was obvious that Salesdude likes to take charge and was intent on controlling the conversation. I let him and asked questions where possible. We talked for 35 minutes and during the course of the conversation, I learned that Salesdude started working for Oracle in the past year and moved from commercial to federal sales. It appears that Salesdude has been in sales for most if not all of his professional life. Salesdude took a huge interest in my Asian heritage and I spent some time answering his questions about my family history and our immigration to the States. We also talked about where we live versus where we work. Salesdude used to live in Alexandria but moved to Reston because the daily commute to work took up much of his time and he could only squeeze in a bite to eat and the gym before going to bed to get ready for work the next day. Now his commute to work takes all of 7 minutes. I told him that I wished that I was as lucky. Even though I live 15 miles away from work, my commute is 35 to 45 minutes depending upon the time that I leave.

Salesdude also asked how long I had been on Match and if my experience was positive. I informed him that so far, I was impressed with the type of people on Match and was enjoying it. Unfortunately, Salesdude wasn't as forthcoming about how long he had been on Match but it was apparent that Salesdude has been on Match for longer than he would care to admit. We both agreed that being on Match allowed us to meet people that we normally would not encounter in our day to day lives. Or as Salesdude aptly put it, "it allows me to cast a wider net and get to know more people".

At the end of our conversation, Salesdude asked if we could get together for drinks. Of course LolaRuns said but let him know that she is booked tonight - i.e. Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night - so would he care for coffee on Sunday afternoon at say - 3pm? Salesdude liked the idea and we agreed to meet at the Starbucks at the Reston Town Center next to Morton's on Sunday.

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