Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets the creeps

Although Halloween has passed us by five days, LolaRuns describes some creepy occurrences that are a result of her Match endeavors.

Remember Salesdude - the fellow with whom LolaRuns is scheduled to go on a third date this Friday? LolaRuns generally has a positive feeling for Salesdude. He appears intelligent, intuitive, conservative, and of upstanding moral character. But LolaRuns had a tingly spine moment when LolaRuns and Salesdude were at the bar at Il Fornaio discussing the telecommunications industry and landline telephones. LolaRuns stated that she has no landline to which Salesdude responded, "You must not have a security system either then." Ummm...this is where LolaRuns said "I have a wireless security system and a neighbor who is a police officer. Plus I live in a neighborhood where everyone watches my house and my coming and going since I am the lone single girl!" To which Salesdude said "Landline security systems aren't good anyway because you can cut the phone lines and still get in the house."

Alright folks. Creepy.

The next one takes the prize for spine chilling in true Halloween fashion.

LolaRuns, in keeping with her promise to be proactive, ran across a profile that seemed interesting and sent an email. The person is 6'4 with brown hair, green eyes, a graduate degree, and an interesting array of photos that indicated a well traveled person. The gentleman also stated in his profile that he was learning Chinese.

In striking up conversation, LolaRuns' email basically said "It sounds like you may be more Chinese than me. :) You can speak it to me and I will pretend that I understand."

Him: "Hi LolaRuns - No - no my Chinese is terrible. Honestly I think I might feel uncomfortable with someone so goodlooking. Do you have a lot of men who try to talk to you randomly?"

Me: ":) It's Match. Of course I have a lot of men who try to talk to me randomly! :) Joking aside - in real life too - guys are predators no? How long have you been studying Mandarin and why that language?"

Him: "Hmmm. Well we are all like that. We have to try to talk to beautiful women. They won't talk to us. If I saw you though I might not talk. U r in the model category. Really cute."

Me: "Great - thanks. So how long have you been studying Mandarin and why did you choose it?"

Him: "We should just have a coffee or a beer and chat. Online process is so slow. But it's ok. For u I'll be patient."

Not that scary right? Before responding to his last email, LolaRuns decided on the spur of the moment, to re-read the fellow's profile to make sure that he really is someone that she wants to waste time meeting with. Much to LolaRuns' surprise, the following excerpt had been updated to the fellow's profile page:

"I know they are coming for me and my family. They are looking for us and we are hiding. I can hear them even now as they search."

??? That was enough for LolaRuns to stop all communications with the guy. LolaRuns has since blocked him from contacting her. The next day, out of curiosity, she went back to his profile page to see if the strange excerpt was there. He was smart enough to remove it and LolaRuns was lucky enough to have seen and copied it down when she did.

You never know what you get online. There are people with mental illnesses. In this situation, whether it was a joke or mental illness, LolaRuns is not interested in finding out.

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