Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns learns to play the game

Although LolaRuns would like to say that she is doing everything perfectly – LolaRuns knows that there are some things that she needs to work on. LolaRuns lets the boys be boys and allows them to take charge. But LolaRuns needs to not respond to emails immediately. She needs to let the emails sit in her inbox and marinate a while so that the sender can learn to yearn and anticipate. :)

On the other hand, with phone calls and texts, LolaRuns is a mastermind at letting the suitor sweat it out. For example, poor EA - Employment Attorney - left a text on Sunday night to say that he really enjoyed our 4 hour coffee date. LolaRuns did not respond because she forgot. EA called on Monday and left a message to wish me a great week and to say that he looks forward to catching up. LolaRuns did not respond because she was busy. On Wednesday, EA called and LolaRuns finally answered the phone and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with EA who wanted to know why LolaRuns hadn't responded. Busy - she said! :)

EA: Are we still on for Saturday night?
Me: Of course EA.
EA: Will you send me your personal email?
Me: Of course EA.
EA:I tried to instant message you today when I noticed that you were on Match but you didn't IM me back.
Me: You did?! Instant Messaging must not have been working appropriately! I would have IM'd you back if I had known!
EA: I am looking forward to our dinner on Saturday night!
Me: I can't wait!

Remember when LolaRuns said yesterday that she is learning to juggle and that she must learn to keep the names of boys straight if she was going to IM and multitask? Yesterday's big gaffe still sticks in her mind and makes her giggle. It sort of went like this:

Him: Hi LolaRuns!
Me: Hi Mike!
Him: Hi.
Me: Hi.
Me: :) Are we going to do this all day?
Him: Only until you get my name right.
Me: Oh gosh. I am so sorry!
Me: Hi Joey!
Him: You must get a lot of emails and I.M.s
Me: :)
Him: You are very cute.

Tonight, LolaRuns is having dinner with a guy friend who is not on Match. :) What a nice break.

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