Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns chooses her profile pictures

What's a profile without a picture?! Because of my investigative research, I concluded that my profile would have several pictures - not just one. Why more than one picture you ask?

People should know what they are getting! I have seen those profiles with a single professional headshot picture and I immediately get suspicious. Sure it is nice to have a glamour shot in the mix - but who walks around professionally coiffed all of the time - and why would you want to set that type of expectation?

My main profile picture is a headshot of me with a huge cheesy grin. I remember the location of the picture. We had just finished a delicious sushi meal at a popular lounge downtown accompanied by a big dose of gossip after my trip abroad to Asia.

In the mix was a full length picture of me, a group picture of me and friends at a Nationals game, and a group picture of me and my gorgeous friends at a dressy event. Sporty, dressy, full length, and headshot. All the pictures were current and depict me as I look today in different forms of dress.

I uploaded the pictures, completed the questionnaire, and submitted my profile and payment information on Wednesday night. In less than two hours, right before midnight, I received a notification from Match that it was indeed official.
I became an active Match member on Wednesday, October 14, 2009. Quite frankly, I couldn't wait for the events that would transpire.

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