Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets a dose of reality

Does LolaRuns have a date for drinks this evening?! She doesn't know because Trainerboy hasn't been in contact yet!

The first and last time that LolaRuns talked to Trainerboy was on Tuesday night, October 20, 2009. Since then, Trainerboy has been radio silent while LolaRuns has been working the Match email and Match instant messaging with other potential suitors.

LolaRuns isn't used to this type of behaviour from a boy but frankly, she is not surprised. Why isn't she surprised with Trainerboy's inability to follow up, confirm, and arrange plans? Because Trainerboy is 37 years old and young in comparison to the boys that LolaRuns likes to play to with.

LolaRuns also knows that maturity level aside, Trainerboy's inability to follow up, confirm, and arrange plans could be due to a lack of interest in LolaRuns - pure and simple.

What will LolaRuns do? Nothing! LolaRuns likes to let boys be boys and she likes to be chased! If Trainerboy doesn't follow up to execute on plans, LolaRuns will enjoy a nice reprieve from Match dating and read her latest book tonight.

Speaking of a reprieve, LolaRuns had dinner with a good guy friend last night at Mon Ami Gabi in Reston Town Center. The food was scrumptious and we shared a few laughs over LolaRuns' experiences on Match.

One of the experiences that is worthy of a mention on LolaRuns' blog involves a former coworker. Approximately two full days after having joined Match, LolaRuns opened up her "My Daily 5" to find the face of a former coworker staring right back at her! It was enough to make LolaRuns jaw drop.

LolaRuns' dinner companion asked the inevitable question: "Are you going to go out with Mr. Former Colleague?" No I replied! I indicated "No Interest" immediately and we exchanged a few friendly emails about the Match scene and left it at that.

So how did Mr. Former Colleague make it into LolaRuns' Match universe? Interestingly enough, Mr. Former Colleague fit the criteria for the type of person LolaRuns' would date. Mr. Former Colleague has never been married, has undergraduate degrees in math and engineering, is over 6 feet tall, and is in relatively good shape. What's wrong LolaRuns? Why won't you date Mr. Former Colleague? Because he is a whiner and LolaRuns doesn't like people who spend their lives complaining about everything. LolaRuns likes people who are doers, who take action, who have positive attitudes, and implement change when they are unhappy. LolaRuns doesn't want to spend the rest of her happy life with a downer.

LolaRuns has standards and doesn't believe that being alone means being lonely. :)

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