Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns foray into online dating

It's official. I started this blog with the intention of sharing only my running triumphs and tribulations. But really, who wants to know how many miles I log and the types of runs that I do? To make this really interesting, I should combine my known love for running - incredibly predictable exercise - with the unpredictable wild and wacky world of online dating!

On the night of October 14, 2009, Wednesday, after much discussion with my mother and sister and after garnering their approval and encouragement, I started researching the site.I logged in under an alias and went through the motions of clicking through the profile questions so that I could get a feel for the types of categorizations involved. Also, I did a fair amount of profile reading for both guys and girls.I came away with a positive first impression. Of course, the profiles were a mixed bag. There were some profiles that were so poorly written that they did not deserve a second glance. Others were mundane. But there were a few witty, clever, and original gems.Because education and personal and professional achievement are important to me in looking for a future husband, I also searched on education level and was pleasantly surprised. There are a fair number of PhDs in the age range that I am most interested in - i.e. 35 - 45.

Ultimately, I concluded that I would try for 6 months as a platinum member. I also vowed to my Mom and sister that I would be an active member. As an active member, I would sign in on a daily basis, review emails, winks, matches, and interests that were sent to me. I would peruse the profiles and respond when I was interested. In addition to responding when interested, I also promised my Mom and sister that I would be proactive. I would search profiles on my own based on the attributes that were most important and would send out emails, winks, and interest flags to the profiles that seemed most compatible to me.

Pretty good arrangement huh? My next post later this evening will be the creation of my profile and my categorizations before I go into the details of my first two coffee dates! :)

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