Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets French pressed coffee with Employment Attorney

Before I even met EA in person, I already concluded that he was tenacious. How did I come to that conclusion?

Well Watson, EA texted me on Friday to wish me a great weekend and to comment on how much he enjoyed the conversation the previous evening. He also called me on Saturday and left a message to confirm our meeting on Sunday.

Because of my glamorous social life :), I wasn't able to return his call but did text him to let him know that I was looking forward to meeting in person on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, EA text to ask if we could meet at noon or 1pm for lunch. Just as I was going to text him back, he called me and after our exchange of pleasantries, we agreed to meet at 3pm so that I could walk my little dog and fit in my workout. Because I am from the suburbs and look for any excuse to get the heck out of dodge, we originally planned on meeting downtown . But on Sunday, October 18, 2009, it was cold and I was no longer hot on the idea of driving to DC. So I suggested that we meet at the Starbucks at the Galleria - Tysons Corner. Starbucks coffee - hmmmm.

At 5 minutes to 3pm, I stood at the perimeter of the Starbucks near the Williams Sonoma across from the Ann Taylor at the Galleria and panicked. The seating area was cramped, loud, and crowded and there were no empty seats! I wandered to a bench in front of the Coach and Betsey Johnson store and settled down to read Siddhartha hoping that tables would free up. At 3pm exactly, EA text to let me know that he was sitting in traffic and that he hoped to be there in 10 minutes. I took the opportunity to let him know that Starbucks was crowded - would he mind meeting me at the Ritz Carlton bar/lounge instead?

I strolled up to the Ritz and decided - why not – let’s sit at the same table that I sat at with PI. Coincidentally, the waiter that staffed my table with PI was my waiter again. There is no doubt that the waiter thinks that I am some sort of girl for hire! A few minutes after the waiter set down assorted nuts and pretzels, I looked up to see a tall, broad shouldered, physically fit bald man walking toward my table. I stood up and EA smiled as we shook hands.

Ding ding. You are two for two! EA was wearing very nice jeans, Italian loafers, a burgandy wool JCrew sweater with a zipper that ended slightly beneath his collar bone, and a black wool casual hip length coat which he took his time removing and gently laying on the chair next to him. I was very pleased. True to his pictures, EA had the crooked tall nose that I love, is 6'2, and it was really obvious that he runs and goes to the gym - just like his profile said. (I love you for not letting me down!! Woot woot!) EA apologized for being late and said he did not plan appropriately and did not give himself enough time to accommodate for traffic. (1 point for you EA because you can admit when you are at fault.) :)

I was so pleased that I emitted a sigh and smiled. EA sat down next to me, smiled, and settled his intense gaze on me. He told me that I did not look anywhere near 36 and I replied that he could easily pass for 35. (According to his profile, he is 45. I love older men.) I think it was clear that we were both relieved. (After yesterday's success, I was convinced that I wouldn't be as lucky.) So to my Mom and sister and my good friend A - I owe you this - I was wrong yet again. EA is not Fatboy afterall.

Let's cut to the chase and get down to the details shall we? I spent 4 hours over coffee with EA and just like yesterday, conversation flowed freely. I learned a great deal.

EA's parents divorced when he was 8 and EA lived with his mother and older sister. His mother dated several different men and EA learned something from each one. After living with the same man for 18 years, EA's Mom married that man and EA gave his Mom away at her wedding. EA did not have a close relationship with his Dad and shared that his Dad moved to Florida after the divorce and married a woman who had a son. EA seemed a bit outraged that his Dad adopted the woman's son as his own child. EA shared that when he was in his mid twenties, his father reached out to him and invited him to help run an antique car business. EA realized that his father wanted a better relationship with EA so EA spent a few years in Florida managing the antique car business before returning to DC to go to District of Columbia law school for his JD and Georgetown Law School for his LLM. EA is also an Army JAG and serves as a Captain in the Reserves. In August, EA went to Korea on a mission and then spent a few days in Seoul with friends touring the city and running in a local race.

EA lives/owns a condo on Capitol Hill, has no pets, has never been married, has no children, is emotionally and financially stable, and runs his own law practice specializing in Employment Law litigation. EA shared that he prosecuted for the government and worked for a firm for a few years in the same field before deciding to start his own firm in 2004. EA has an office in the building across from The Equinox - one of my favourite restaurants - I might add! :)

It was obvious that EA loves his job and has been immersed with building his practice. EA told me that many of his clients were Asian minorities but that he worked with a variety of people. EA also spoke with enthusiasm about becoming a NFL agent and described the 60 question test that he recently passed. EA described the competitive environment in becoming one of the few agents to represent a set number of players. EA just learned that he had passed the test and I congratulated him on the accomplishment. It was apparent in the way that he spoke about his firm, the JAG, and the NFL agent process that EA is focused on his career and is very ambitious. (That is quite a turn on for me!)

I asked him how long he had been on Match and when his last relationship ended. EA responded that he met someone on Match two years ago and after one year of dating seriously, the relationship ended in March. EA signed back onto Match in August before leaving for Korea.

I couldn't help but mention to EA that he has a great bald head! EA confessed that if he could take a pill to have hair - he would. Because of the Army and because he has an aversion to comb overs, EA opted for the shave. At one point, he thought about wearing a toupee but decided against it because no matter how great they look - people would be able to tell. (EA reminds me of my friend Miss. MPS's husband MS who is also bald and hot.) EA has a great head for baldness and carries it really well and I told him so. Plus, EA has gorgeous eyes, a sexy crooked nose, and the tall broad shouldered fit build of a man who takes care of himself. Hot, brainy and motivated - just like I like 'em! :) Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

So do I like EA enough for second date? I do. But EA is Jewish and I am Christian Catholic. EA and I spent a great deal of our 4 hour discussion on religion and the role it plays in each of our lives. EA asserts that religion is not important to him and that he is not attracted to Jewish women. But he also revealed that his extended family are practicing Jews. He was bar mitzvaed, he speaks Hewbrew fluently, he flew to California for his niece's bat mitzvah, his sister and stepbrothers and stepsisters are Jewish - it is apparent that Jewish traditions are a big part of his identity and family life. EA asked me if my parents wanted me to marry a Vietnamese man who is Catholic. I revealed that my mother at one point really wanted me to marry a person of my same ethnic origin but that it was no longer important. Catholicism is very important to my Mom and she would struggle with someone who is Jewish but wants me to be happy. I asked EA how his mother felt and he answered similarly.

Like PI, EA shared some Match war stories with me. EA and PI might have even gone out on a date with the same woman! Both described experiences where they exchanged emails with an incredibly attractive female. The woman's profile picture was a single headshot which showed a gorgeous face. The woman assured them both that she was petite and physically fit. However when EA and PI met with her on independent dates, she had arrived before them and was already seated. EA and PI asked her on a second date but when she stood up, they realized that she was quite wide and big on the bottom. Neither EA nor PI followed up on second dates with the woman.

Digression aside - is there a future for me and EA? EA asked me out on a second date and I agreed to meet with him on Saturday night for dinner. But I am now wondering if I should because of the religion issue.

When I got to my Mom's house, my Mom asked me how it went and I told her that I was tired and hungry. Afterall, we spoke for four hours and all I had was French pressed coffee! Plus I am an introvert and live by the motto - "I am okay. You are okay in small doses." My Mom had emailed me twice during my coffee date with EA and my sister had texted me twice to see if I was alive. They had both worried and since I was tired, I complained that there was a great deal of talking.

But overall, I enjoyed talking to EA as much as I enjoyed talking to PI. Both were very attractive, very smart albeit in completely different ways, and very motivated. EA has more of an open ambitious edge to him whereas PI seemed a bit more laid back. I could see myself being much more compatible with EA but would I ever convert to Judaism and if not - would religion become a sore point?

I am still on the fence with this one and haven't decided whether or not to cancel my second date with EA.

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