Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns experiences rejection

All of this dating may lead the average reader to believe that LolaRuns calls the shots in the Match universe.

Au contraire! When LolaRuns signed up for Match, she knew that she was signing up for a bit of rejection. And Match has not disappointed in the rejection arena.

Please recall that according to the LolaRuns Match rulebook, LolaRuns vowed to initiate winks and emails on her own for profiles that piqued her interest. LolaRuns kept her word and sends emails and winks to profiles that she finds particularly intriguing on an ongoing basis.

The most passive form of rejection comes in the form of unanswered emails and winks that are ignored. LolaRuns is used to passive rejection and doesn't take it to heart.

But this past week, LolaRuns experienced another form of rejection. She received two emails from two different Match men who communicated their rejection! It was analagous to purring hello and smiling coyly at a stranger that one finds attractive - only to have that stranger approach and communicate why the smile and any hopes of getting to know the stranger will not be reciprocated!

These two well meaning men penned two emails that essentially said "thanks, but no thanks".

Gentleman #1 - DC_Runner2009 - wrote:

"Hi LolaRuns - Thanks for the email. I'm probably looking for someone closer to my area... I know Chantilly isn't exactly another state but it's not exactly close. Good luck: DC_Runner2009"

And where does DC_Runner2009 live? He lives in the far away county of Arlington, Virginia folks! That's right. :) But in all honesty, when I reread his profile, I could tell that we were two different people. It was obvious that he is well read and smart, but he loves to go camping. LolaRuns' idea of camping is checking into the Ritz Carlton for an overnight stay and scheduling a massage.

Gentleman #2 - Rchances1 - wrote:

"Hi LolaRuns - yes ... living overseas is fun ... I really enjoy it. Madrid was great ... but next it's on to Kinshasa, Congo. Well ... I finished the MCM ... not as fast as I wanted ... but I was just hoping to finish. You seem very interesting ... and I love your photos. I recently met someone offline and we're going to see where it goes. Good luck on Match ... but I don't think you'll need it. Chance"

Please keep in mind dear reader that the "I recently met someone and we're going to see where it goes" reason is an option in the drop down rejection box on the Match email template. I know this because I have used it many times when I am forced to respond to people who continue to send me emails that I have ignored.

Because LolaRuns is a glutton for punishment, she also checked to see the last time that Chance signed into Match - and his profile was active within the last 24 hours. Alas, much to LolaRuns' dismay, Chance has not met anyone. If that were the case, Match would be the last thing Chance would be checking.

To make matters worse, Rchances1's profile wins the blue ribbon for most well rounded male as judged by yours truly. He is fluent in French and Spanish, travels the world in an executive management position at a company with world wide operations, scuba dives, runs, hikes, mountain bikes, skis, climbs, reads the Economist, and is currently tackling classic literature in Spanish. Can we say brainy, physically fit, and drop dead gorgeous at 6'1 and 40 years of age with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes? Sigh - but LolaRuns can't play in his playground. Chance kicked her out, locked the gate, and took his ball home.

So is it better to send an email to reject someone outright or is it better to ignore the email in the hopes that they get the picture?

LolaRuns has done both but admits that she tends to send the email with the drop down box rejection reason only if the suitor sends multiple emails that have never been answered by moi.

It has been approximately 3 weeks since LolaRuns joined Match and during that time, she has learned a great deal. In the hierarchy of class and love, there will always be men who pursue LolaRuns whom LolaRuns will never acknowledge. There will be men who pursue LolaRuns whom LolaRuns will reciprocate with flirty attention. And then there are those men that LolaRuns will coyly tempt, only to have her flirtations denied. That dear reader, is the cycle of love and life.

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