Sunday, May 2, 2010

LolaRuns’ and her second weekend without BoyGenius

LolaRuns had a spectacular weekend with her girlfriends! On Friday night, April 30, 2010, LolaRuns and her girl friends Miss T, Miss A, and Miss AS, all met at Miss AS’s house near Restaurant Nora on Florida Avenue. From there, LolaRuns and friends walked to Raku, a scrumptious Asian diner in Dupont Circle where we feasted on edamame, yellowtail and avocado rolls, sashimi, sushi, noodle dishes, and downed Raku cooler cocktails and wine. Over dinner, we celebrated Miss T’s imminent move to the West Coast and Miss AS’s preparation to join Afterwards, we cabbed it over to the Tony & Joe’s waterfront to hop on our good friend Mr. N and Mr. M’s boat – the Miss Guided. On Miss Guided, we enjoyed vodka sodas and mingled with the boating crowd. It wasn’t until close to 2am when LolaRuns returned home to her South Riding, VA residence and she was exhausted!

The next morning, Saturday, May 1, 2010, LolaRuns had truly ambitious plans. She was going to a spin class and then to run errands before getting ready for a wonderful cocktail party at the Marwood estate in Potomac, Maryland to celebrate the wonderful union of two dear friends. But because LolaRuns was so exhausted, she didn’t wake up until close to 10am and missed spin class. LolaRuns felt very sick as well and spent the rest of the morning in bed, reading her book, and sleeping. Finally at 5pm, she dragged herself out of bed to dress for the cocktail party.

LolaRuns arrived at the Marwood estate in Potomac, Maryland at 7:45pm and the party was already in full swing. Dressed in a delicate pale pink gauzy sleeveless cocktail dress with feathers at the shoulders, a flowing multi layered hemline, a bejeweled v neckline with a braided sash tied loosely at the fitted waist, open toed silver shoes, and diamond barrettes festooned in her hair, LolaRuns looked and felt like Charlotte York. Once she arrived at Marwood estate and greeted the generous hosts and the two dear friends who were the guests of honor, LolaRuns mingled amongst friends and colleagues for the entire night. She danced to wonderful music, sat in the theatre room to watch the slide show, and indulged in the delectable food. The night was beautiful and an unforgettable tribute to two people who deserve the best!

The next day, on Sunday, May 2, 2010, LolaRuns met her girl friends Miss T and Miss A at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC at 1pm. For the next four hours, LolaRuns and her friends walked through the Berlin Wall exhibit, the Elvis exhibit, the September 11 exhibit, the Pulitzer prize photos exhibit, and the newsroom exhibit. LolaRuns enjoyed them all and had such an emotional reaction to the Pulitzer prize photos exhibit because of the extreme severity of the events captured through the photo lens. There were pictures that LolaRuns had seen before and some that were new to her but each photo made LolaRuns sad for the tragic people and events across the world. LolaRuns cried at the Pulitzer Prize photos exhibit because of the lives lost and the poor circumstances in other countries because of political unrest, hunger, natural disasters, war, and terrorist events.

The Newseum was not all tears though! LolaRuns also had a fun time with her girl friends in the newsroom where each was video taped and read from a teleprompter to report the news. Miss A chose the Cherry Blossom backdrop and reported on the history of the cherry blossoms. Miss T chose the weather backdrop and reported on the weather and global warming. LolaRuns chose the White House and reported on President Barack Obama’s approval rating. The girls had such a wonderful time reporting individually that Miss T thought of the great idea to report together simultaneously – on the Elin and Tiger Woods divorce! For twenty five seconds, LolaRuns played the part of the moderator while Miss A played the role of the marital expert with Miss T as a Washington, DC attorney. Caught on camera with semi impromptu responses, LolaRuns knows that the video will forever be a memory keepsake of the fun Sunday afternoon.

Afterward, LolaRuns and friends walked two blocks to Hotel Monaco to dine at Poste Moderne Brasserie. Seated in the atrium, the girls enjoyed red wine and four tasty cheeses before diving into an assortment of grilled goat and asparagus polenta with morels, halibut and vegetables, and truffle frites and mussels. The early dinner at Poste and intimate chatter topped off a memorable afternoon at the Newseum.

So what of BoyGenius? Had he disappeared from LolaRuns’s heart and mind? Truthfully, despite the break up, LolaRuns thinks of BoyGenius every day. BoyGenius continues to text sporadically through out the day and the week but even without the texting, BoyGenius is not far from LolaRuns’s mind and heart.

BoyGenius’s texts since the break up on April 20, 2010, have been bittersweet. Some are wonderfully poignant and heart breaking while others are filled with anger and frustration. All of the texts make LolaRuns sad. But true to her word and her attempt to have a clean break, LolaRuns reads but never responds. Why? LolaRuns does not want to be drawn back into a dialogue with BoyGenius and because LolaRuns has said everything that is to be said.

However, during the wee hours of Sunday morning, while LolaRuns was driving back to the Marwood estate to return a cell phone that the valet person had left in her car, she responded to BoyGenius’s texts regarding his house key. During the course of the texts, BoyGenius communicated that he had not spoken to another live human being all week. [Earlier in the day on Saturday at 1:15 pm, BoyGenius had even dropped by LolaRuns’s residence after texting to say that he would drop off the Spock graphic novel that he gifted LolaRuns while they were dating. But not only was LolaRuns groggy, slightly sick, and tired from Friday night, she concluded that seeing BoyGenius while she was vulnerable was not a good idea. So LolaRuns stayed in bed with her book and did not get up to let BoyGenius into her home.] The news that BoyGenius had not spoken to another human being in a week did make LolaRuns worried and she decided that it was time to call BoyGenius . [By the way, LolaRuns loves the Bluetooth technology in her BMW 335ix – it is fabulous – and it is the only reason that LolaRuns would drive and talk. Otherwise, LolaRuns wouldn’t be able to shift gears and focus on the road.]

Since LolaRuns did not want to encourage more discussion, LolaRuns did not respond fully to any of the questions that BoyGenius asked. How did LolaRuns’s Mom take the news of the breakup? Why wouldn’t LolaRuns give BoyGenius a chance when BoyGenius gave LolaRuns two chances to work on her issues? Does LolaRuns miss BoyGenius? Has LolaRuns really made up her mind? Does LolaRuns want to hear about the MRI results on Tuesday? Will LolaRuns share her MRI results with BoyGenius once she gets her MRI?

LolaRuns answered as concisely as she could and BoyGenius, who is after all, quite intelligent, took the hint. After five minutes, he said good bye and good luck to LolaRuns.

LolaRuns has not received a single text today from BoyGenius. LolaRuns is sad because she will likely not hear from BoyGenius again. Thirteen days after it ended, she wonders sometimes if the breakup was all a mistake.