Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns goes to Thai Basil with BoyGenius

One day after LolaRuns’ first date with BoyGenius, BoyGenius text LolaRuns to request a second date. A second date would be lovely LolaRuns responded.

Throughout the week, leading up to the date schedule for Friday, November 13, BoyGenius and LolaRuns text about BoyGenius's running program and Newton running shoes. Please recall that LolaRuns hasn't been running because of a pounding ache in her lower back when she attempts to run. When LolaRuns shared this information with BoyGenius during the first date, he immediately peppered her with questions and concluded that it was her running form that was producing the back problems.

Him: "What is your running style? How do you land? Are you a heel striker?"

Me: "I tend to lean back and strike with my heel."

Him: "It's your running form. You need Newton running shoes. They have a patented technology with exposed grooves that encoourages mid to forefront running. Let's walk over to the Potomac Running store and I will show the shoes to you. You have to strike with your midfoot or forefoot if you want to run healthily."

This is where cute BoyGenius even demonstrated the proper running form while walking on Market Street. LolaRuns was a bit smitten at that point.

The texts during the week followed the same vein with questions about LolaRuns workout - the stairclimber for an hour for the past two months - and the new Newton training shoes that would be available in the next month. BoyGenius also encouraged LolaRuns to check out the Newton web site and watch all the videos - which LolaRuns promptly and attentively reviewed. LolaRuns was sold on the Newtons - and quite possibly on BoyGenius.

Friday evening came and because LolaRuns was so smitten, she agreed to let BoyGenius pick her up at her house! BoyGenius arrived promptly at 7:30pm and when he walked into her home, he looked so cute that LolaRuns wanted to be close to him immediately. But she held herself back and promptly gave him the requested tour of her home.

After the tour, LolaRuns and BoyGenius made their way to Thai Basil. Located down the street off of Route 50 in a strip mall that LolaRuns has often seen from her car but never visited, Thai Basil is known for its chef who challenged the Iron Chef on television and beat him. Her pad thai noodle signature dish was renowned because of the competition.

BoyGenius and LolaRuns settled in for a delicious meal. Starting with puff pastries filled with vegetables, BoyGenius and LolaRuns also shared the drunken noodles with tofu, the pad thai with tofu, and the mango with sticky rice. BoyGenius and LolaRuns served each other mounds of food and enjoyed good conversation. LolaRuns will admit that she was still incredibly nervous - too nervous to even eat but she did her best. During the course of dinner, BoyGenius suggested seeing the movie "Scrooge" at the Imax theatre at the Udvar Hazy Museum. LolaRuns readily accepted and off they went.

In the car, BoyGenius played Lily Allen and sang along to a very cute girly song. LolaRuns wasn't sure if she liked that. Once at the museum, BoyGenius and LolaRuns discovered that the movie theatre wasn't open and on their way out of the museum, both enjoyed a good laugh when they noticed that the gates were shut and they were locked in. But thanks to BoyGenius who ventured up to the automated box, the gates were automatically opened.

BoyGenius and LolaRuns decided to travel to Blockbuster in LolaRuns' neighborhood to rent a movie to watch on LolaRuns' projector in her basement. Once home, with a glass each of red wine in hand, LolaRuns and BoyGenius settled in for a horror movie. Was the movie watched? Of course not! As soon as LolaRuns sat down next to BoyGenius, he smothered her with passionate kisses and she responded in like manner.

For the duration of the movie, BoyGenius and LolaRuns made out like adolescents. He couldn't believe that she had winked at him on Match and she couldn't believe that he would want to be involved with someone who was so obviously not his intellectual equal.

Close to midnight, BoyGenius mentioned that he had to get home to Rocky. With a hug and kiss, BoyGenius went on his way.

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