Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns goes to Lebanese Taverna with Executive Recruiter

On Wednesday, October 28, 2009, LolaRuns made an exception - by going out on a date on a school night!

Lolaruns met with someone who is an Executive Recruiter by profession. Actually, he is an entrepreneur because he now owns and runs his own executive search firm. The executive search firm employs eight people who focus on different aspects of the recruitment process in the non profit sector. Executive Recruiter intends to redirect his search firm so that it also focuses on the commercial sector and eventually branch out internationally.

How did LolaRuns come across Executive Recruiter? Actually, Executive Recruiter found LolaRuns and sent her an email in the Match universe. The email was a straight forward simple request to discuss 3 Cups of Tea over tea or coffee! LolaRuns reviewed Executive Recruiter's profile and was generally impressed despite the fact that at 50 years of age, he was over her age range of 35 to 45. Aside from running his own company, Executive Recruiter is a spin instructor at the Sport and Health in Tenley Town. His pictures show a physically fit man who could easily pass for 40. LolaRuns also liked the fact that Executive Recruiter plays drums in a jazz band and travels extensively. During the course of our email exchanges, Executive Recruiter even demonstrated a written proficiency in French.

It was obvious that Executive Recruiter deserved a first date!

A little more than a week after the first email exchange, LolaRuns showed up at the Tyson's Galleria Starbucks on the dot at 7:30pm. As I approached the seating area, a blonde blue eyed man, 6'3 tall, wearing blue jeans, a blue button down shirt tucked in with a houndstooth blazer and nice brown loafers stood up and walked towards me. We shook hands and smiled at each other. Up close, Executive Recruiter looked as young as he did in his pictures. There was not a wrinkle to be found and he has a lean but muscular and youthful build. Spinning definitely pays off!

I grabbed a short cup of coffee with half and half and we got down to the business of chatting. Not quite fifteen minutes into our discussion, Executive Recruiter asked if LolaRuns would like to continue over dinner at Lebanese Taverna. That's one of my favourite restaurants I exclaimed!

Over a delicious meal, Executive Recruiter and I bonded over stories of our childhood, family histories, travels, and careers. Late into the dinner, we even meandered over to the book discussion before touching lightly on the Vietnam War and its similarities to current US activities in the Middle East.

Dinner did not end until very late. It was close to 10:30pm when Executive Recruiter walked LoalRuns to her car and suggestively asked if she would trick or treat at his house in her spider girl costume.

I already have plans for Halloween she replied with a smile. :)

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