Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets Starbucks with ConsultantDude

After the date with BoyGenius that made her tongue tied and weak in the knees, LolaRuns met with ConsultantDude the next day on Sunday, November 8, 2009.

Unlike BoyGenius, ConsultantDude had no effect on LolaRuns. She wasn't intimidated, overwhelmed, or weak in the knees. LolaRuns knew that she was chatting with her intellectual equal.

LolaRuns met with ConsultantDude at the same Starbucks in Reston Town Center at 11am. To make things more comical, the Starbucks employee that served LolaRuns her coffee the day before with BoyGenius recognized LolaRuns because LolaRuns decided to wear the same outfit.

LolaRuns and ConsultantDude took a seat outside near the fountains across from the ice skating rink with coffees in hand and indulged in a leisurely conversation about the usual - careers, education, family, and interests over the course of two hours.

It turns out that ConsultantDude works for PRTM - a boutique consulting firm that LolaRuns is quite familiar with because of the project that she manages. ConsultantDude speaks Spanish fluently and was a former Navy officer with a consulting position first at Deloitte and then at PRTM. He owns his own 100 year old row house in DC that ConsultantDude is currently remodeling on his own. ConsultantDude is also active in community projects and described in great detail a piece of land located behind his property that used to be a veritable junk yard and meeting place for drug dealers. By joining a community board of directors, ConsultantDude helped raise money and contributed a great deal of time, energy, and materials to transforming the land behind his property into a pleasant park with benches, gardens, and inviting paths. LolaRuns was quite impressed with ConsultantDude's enthusiasm and commitment for his neighborhood and his ability to repair and remodel his own home.

From a physical perspective, ConsultantDude is definitely attractive. At 6'2 with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, an inviting smile, and a physically fit build, ConsultantDude has good looks to balance out his intellect.

Was LolaRuns attracted to ConsultantDude physically and mentally? Sure. But did he make her nervous? Not so much. LolaRuns couldn't help but compare ConsultantDude to her good friend Miss T. The similarities in personality, career, linguistic abilities were so similar in fact that LolaRuns told Miss T about ConsultantDude and encouraged Miss T to wink at him later that Sunday evening.

By the end of the date, ConsultantDude and LolaRuns sat side by side on a bench at the ice skating rink discussing lifestyles, children, and nannies - topics that ConsultantDude raised on his own. It was apparent that ConsultantDude wants a family, daughters preferably, and looked forward to being a father.

ConsultantDude walked with LolaRuns down Market Street and at the corner where a Thai restaurant sits, ConsultantDude gave LolaRuns a hearty hug and made sure that her phone number was in his phone. With a smile and wave, LolaRuns headed off.

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