Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LolaRuns gets Starbucks with BoyGenius

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, LolaRuns met with someone that she'll call BoyGenius. Why the moniker?

BoyGenius has quite an impressive profile that caught LolaRuns eye. So much in fact that after she read it, she decided immediately to wink at him. LolaRuns liked BoyGenius's profile because it was well written and focused on all of BoyGenius's accomplishments - like the fact that he held two technical patents, is an accomplished painter, an unpublished science fiction writer, and in executive management at a well known think tank - Mitre.

BoyGenius and LolaRuns corresponded via Match email before the Saturday date and LolaRuns knew already that she was communicating with someone who is well read, articulate, with a higher than average intelligence quotient. Brainy men turn LolaRuns on so she was very excited when she approached the Starbucks at Reston Town Center next to Morton's.

Seated outside in a casual black jacket, sporty black shades, a pair of nice jeans, stylish black loafers, and a grey v-neck sweater with a white tee shirt underneath - was BoyGenius. He jumped up when he saw LolaRuns, made eye contact and smiled. BoyGenius whipped off his sunglasses, gave LolaRuns a brief hug, and together excitedly walked inside where both ordered coffees.

Because there was a dog adoption event on Market Street at Reston Town Center and because it was a beautiful morning with temperatures in the upper 50s, LolaRuns and BoyGenius agreed to walk through the event, pet dogs, and chat. LolaRuns noticed that BoyGenius was very talkative and liked to think outloud. He was gregarious in a very approachable manner and spoke to most people and their pets. After ten minutes of wandering through the festival, LolaRuns and BoyGenius agreed to sit in the lobby of the Hyatt and chat over coffee.

Inside the Hyatt, at a sofa against the wall, BoyGenius sat very close to LolaRuns and off we went on a conversation that would take us through an impromptu lunch at Big Bowl and a visit to the Apple store.

LolaRuns learned a great deal about BoyGenius during the date that started at 11am and lasted until 2:30pm. She learned that BoyGenius was an honors graduate of the University of Virginia with a double major in English and Psychology. With a high IQ, BoyGenius excelled in his corporate career but loved to paint and write science fiction. At the restaurant, LolaRuns learned that BoyGenius recently decided to become a vegan because of stomach problems and because of his desire to lose weight. In fact, BoyGenius had lost 60 pounds recently and had taken up running and quit smoking to get in shape. BoyGenius had been married for two years and divorced for six years. BoyGenius lives in a large 5000 square foot home in Ashburn with Rocky his rescue dog and aspired to become a full time writer and painter one day. BoyGenius is an only child with elderly parents in their seventies who live in Newport News. They are the only reason BoyGenius hasn't relocated outside of the metropolitan area.

LolaRuns will be honest. She was tongue tied through most of the date because she was intimidated and a bit overwhelmed by BoyGenius's intelligence. His talents and intelligence made LolaRuns feel wholly inadequate and she did not think she stood a chance. When BoyGenius pulled up pictures of his paintings on his blackberry at the Hyatt, LolaRuns was quite impressed with his talent. When BoyGenius described a part of his science fiction novel to LolaRuns, she became quite turned on by the fact that BoyGenius is truly a creative and original thinker with an imagination and a propensity to learn numerous things and apply them simultaneously.

At the end of the date, when BoyGenius asked LolaRuns if she would like to accompany him into JCrew for khaki pants, LolaRuns was mentally exhausted in trying to keep up. With a half hearted hug, she parted ways with BoyGenius, doubtful that he really would contact her again.

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